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Message from Mr. John Vannoy

Dear Sharpsville Education Community:

We have just surpassed the quarter mark of the school year.   Our kindergarten students have acclimated themselves well to the full day routine. At the other end of the spectrum, our seniors are that much closer to graduation. Our fall sports are coming to a close and the winter sports are on the horizon. I want to take an opportunity to thank our seniors that have or will soon complete their fall activities. You collectively have led by example and represented yourselves, our school, and our community in an extremely positive fashion. For that, I both applaud and thank you. You will reap the benefits of these life lessons that you have gained for years to come.

Our attitudes about education can inspire our children and guide them to take charge of their own educational journey. Here are some ways that you as parents can be part of the ever important educational process:

  • Be a role model for learning

  • Pay attention to what your child loves

  • Tune into how your child learns

  • Practice what your child learns at school

  • Set aside time to read together

  • Connect what your child learns to everyday life

  • Connect what your child learns to the world

  • Help your child take charge of his/her learning

  • Do not over-schedule your child

  • Monitor their social media and gaming interactions and activity

  • Keep TV to a minimum

  • Learn something new yourself

Research shows if parents read to their child 5 minutes per day they will expose their child to 300,000 words in 1 year. If not; that child will only be exposed to 5,000 words in 1 year. Electronic devices that are used as a replacement for parent(s) reading to their child will reduce the number of words that they are exposed to.

By incorporating these guidelines into your parental repertoire, you can give credence to the adage that it takes a village to raise a child. I want to thank all of you for everything that your do for our students and our educational community.

Until next time,

John Vannoy


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