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Message from Mr. John Vannoy

Dear Sharpsville Educational Community:

The school year is moving at a warp speed pace. We will be starting the last quarter of the year at end of March. With Spring, comes the annual rite of field trips, concerts, field days, standardized testing, and most importantly graduation. Graduation is scheduled for May 31 at 8:00 PM at The Pines. The Class of 2019 is in their stage of their collective high school careers. They will soon be off to that preverbal “real world” and join the list of proud Sharpsville graduates and thus achieve alumni status. They are ready and I am proud of their efforts and accomplishments. 

We live in what I believe to be the most difficult era to be a young person. Their world is full of many pressurized situations. They are oftentimes bombarded by the unique aspects of social media, the day to day rigors of adolescent life, academic challenges, fair or unfair expectations, uncertain future aspirations, and the challenges of standardized testing. It is time to let our students do what they do best…… be students. We need to grasp a much better understanding how to let our young people “do school” in a way that they can then map a great pathway to their future. Hope and engagement must be part of the day to day educational landscape. By doing so, our students will have the guidance in preparing for their future beyond just that of academic preparation. Engagement involves involvement and enthusiasm. This goes beyond just turning in assignments and listening. The key element is that of being enthusiastic. When one is enthusiastic; one is then excited and psychologically invested in their learning. There is no better feeling for an educator then seeing kids excited about learning and in a flash that lightbulb clicks above their heads and continues clicking as they learn. When kids have the opportunity to figure out what they do best, they shine. 

Kids need to be involved in activities outside the normal boundaries of school. Extracurricular activities are an extension of the classroom. Encouraging and promoting kids to find and practice their strengths in ways that benefit them in the future is pretty powerful. We must give students the chances to practice these strengths through a sport, activity, club, internship, job shadowing, etc. This will allow our young people a platform where they find confidence. And with confidence, comes creation of the mindset that on some days they may fail but they will discover a new pathway to try and move forward toward success. This is what I call building hope. 

Until next time,

John Vannoy


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