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Mrs. Wentling

Hi!  I'm Mrs. Wentling, the librarian, and I love books!
I can be reached by email at [email protected] or log into your specials google classroom and message me.
There will be fun activities and books to read on my website every week.  I encourage you to take a look and enjoy the site. 
To access your Mackinvia account, use your google login from school. 

Click on the pictures of the books to see if they are available through MackinVia!

PA Young Reader's Choice K-3 2020-2021 Nominees

PA Young Reader's Choice 3-6 2020-2021 Nominees

The Results are in!  The winners of the 2019-2020 PA Young Reader's Choice are:
Thank you to all the students who voted!  Without you the contest would not be possible! 

May 13th is National Apple Pie day!
 Read the book So You Want to Grow a Pie by Bridget Heos on your Mackinvia account for a treat!  There is a kid friendly recipe at the end, but make sure you have help from an adult!
Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner is an informative book about life in the garden throughout the year.  Take a look at all the creatures below the dirt that help make a garden successful.  Also, learn about types of plants and what they look like.  The book is on Mackinvia.  Just log in and start learning!  Happy gardening.

 Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th.  Find a secret message and coupons to give your mother in the documents section.
April showers bring May flowers!  
 Let's read the nonfiction book Flowers by Gail Gibbons on Mackinvia.  It is very colorful and you will learn that the largest flower grows to be 12 feet!  Also do you know your birthday flower?  You can find out at the end of the book!  Login to your Mackinvia account and search for "flowers".  Here is a picture of the cover.  Enjoy!
Find 5 Earth day books on Mackinvia.  One is a reader's theater! 
It's National Library Week!
 Even if you can't go to our school library, you can still celebrate at home!  Try the bookshelf scavenger hunt with your books and see how many things you can find.  The scavenger hunt is found in the documents section.  Good Luck!
April is National Inventors Month!
Mackinvia has over 45 books (fiction and nonfiction) about inventors and inventions.  Below are some interesting books I enjoyed!
For a Daily Invention Challenge you can go to Little Inventors
April is National Poetry Month!
            Poems are amazing!  How do authors convey so much meaning from so few words?  If you would like to read a poetry book, you can search the term "poetry" on your Mackinvia account and select from over 40 books.  Some will teach you how to write poems while others will entertain you.  I enjoyed Sing a Season Song by Jane Yolen.  Message me and let me know which one you liked!

Week of March 30, 2020
            I have been noticing all different birds at my bird feeders.  Let's read The Best Nest by Doris L Mueller using your Mackinvia account.  (Library Links on this page, use your google login from school).  Here is a picture of the book, it's a wonderful story about how the Magpie makes her nest!
 3293728 There are also other critters in the book.  Can you find a salamander and ladybug?
  For creative minds (at the end of the book), check out the bird fun facts, bird math, and match the nest activity. 
  Explore your yard and see what types of birds you see. 
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