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The Sharpsville Area School District lies in a rural community located in the western region of Mercer County, Pennsylvania, is comprised of the Boroughs of Sharpsville and Clark and the Township of South Pymatuning. The school district, which encompasses 29.3 square miles, is a one-campus setting with a K-5 Elementary School, a 6-8 Middle School and a 9-12 High School, as well as the Central Administration Office.  
As of this date the total district enrollment is 1,177 students. The close proximity of the campus arrangement allows the district to coordinate and use staff and facilities efficiently. Additionally, it ensures unified and consistent curriculum implementation and enables the use of data-driven decisions in its everyday instruction. A final benefit of this close proximity includes increased staff
discussion regarding professional development issues and the opportunity to observe each other in the teaching environment.
The school district is viewed as the center of the community and provides opportunities for community partnerships through the use of our fields, gymnasiums, classrooms and auditorium. The Booster Club Tournament and the Buddy Guerino Tournament are just two examples of ways in which the community and the school district work together to help raise funds and provide opportunities for students. The school district also provides after school tutoring and summer camps for students to enjoy by providing enrichment and remediation for students that are willing to attend activities during the summer. Community members are encouraged to become a part of the school culture and have input into the hiring of principals, Special Education Plan, PTO and other organizations within the district. There appears to be a very good relationship between the school district and members of the community.

Sharpsville Area School District Office Administration


1 Blue Devil Way, Sharpsville, PA 16150

724-962-8300, Option 5

Fax 724-962-7873


Superintendent – Mr. John Vannoy

724-962-8300, Ext. 4104



Senior Business Manager/Board Secretary – Mrs. Jaime Roberts

724-962-8300, Ext. 4103



Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent – Mrs. Darlene Cheney

724-962-8300, Ext. 4101



Administrative Assistant to the Senior Business Manager – Mrs. Barbara Dunlap

724-962-8300, Ext. 4102



Sharpsville Senior High School Office Administration

301 Blue Devil Way, Sharpsville, PA 16150

724-962-8300, Option 6

Fax 724-962-7730


Principal – Mrs. Carol Houck

724-962-8300, Ext. 1850



Secretary – Mrs. Deana Myers

724-962-8300, Ext. 1001



Guidance Secretary – Mrs. Karen Zagger

724-962-8300, Ext. 1000


Sharpsville Area Middle School Office Administration

303 Blue Devil Way, Sharpsville, PA 16150

724-962-8300, Option 7

Fax 724-962-7891


Principal – Ms. Heidi Marshall

724-962-8300, Ext. 2850



Food Service Director – Ms. Kristy Sayles

724-962-8300, Ext. 2750



Secretary – Mrs. Barb Goncz

724-962-8300, Ext. 2000



Sharpsville Area Elementary School Office Administration

100 Hittle Drive, Sharpsville, PA 16150

724-962-8300, Option 8

Fax 724-962-1003


Principal – Mr. Jon Fry

724-962-8300, Ext. 3850



Technology Integrator/Data Specialist – Mr. Kirk Scurpa

724-962-8300, Ext. 3204



Secretary – Mrs. Mandy Palko 

724-962-8300, Ext. 3000


Director of Student Services - Mr. Scott McCaskey

724-962-8300, Ext. 4110
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services - Mrs. Krystal Miller
724-962-8300, Ext. 1651




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